Fall Recruitment 2022

Letter from the Recruitment Chairs

Welcome to Theta Tau's Fall Rush 2022!

As this quarter’s recruitment chairs, we are thrilled to welcome you to our exciting Fall Recruitment season! With the slow of Covid, we hope you are now able to fully take advantage of the many opportunities that the Upsilon Delta Chapter has to offer. While we pride ourselves on being a professional organization, we also place a heavy emphasis on the brotherhood and family we have formed over these past few years.

We were both in your exact position, uncertain about our career paths and struggling to find our place within the uncharted territory that is UCLA Engineering. We came to rush with the hope of finding a group of lifelong friends and mentors to guide and support us. The strangers that we met at the beginning of rush week eventually became the people we now call our family. It wasn’t until after we joined that we realized we had found exactly what we were looking for.

Whether it be frantically trying to figure out a trivial bug before a midnight deadline or going on a spontaneous snowboarding trip only to be deserted in the mountains, our brothers are always only a call away. While we all come from different walks of life, we were able to find common ground in our path of self-discovery. There is no one specific type of personality that belongs to Theta Tau. We strive to learn from each other and to be proud of all our achievements.

This Fall, we hope you will look past your fears and hesitations to find your place within this genuine group of individuals who we call home.

– Angela Zhang and Victoria Ignacio

Recruitment Schedule

Meet the Chapter

Get to know the brothers of Theta Tau

6-8 PM

Engineering VI Patio

Casual Attire

Engineering Night

Put your innovation skills to the test in a fun engineering challenge!

6-8 PM

Engineering VI Patio

Casual Attire

Information Night

Discover what our organization has to offer as you hear the unique stories of our brothers and alumni

6-8 PM

Location TBD

Business Casual

Beach Night

Enjoy an evening at the beach and get to know the bros better!


Santa Monica Beach

Warm/Casual Attire




Location TBD

Business Formal

"I went into rush looking for food. I came out finding friends, family, and unforgettable memories. There really is no words to describe this amazing experience."

Leon Zhang, Delta Class

"I came into rush like most people - confused, shy, and alone. I never thought that it would give me some of my most valuable memories, countless laughs and lifelong friends that I can’t, and don’t want to, imagine my life without.."

Shushanik Stepanyan, Epsilon Class


What is Theta Tau?

Theta Tau is a professional engineering fraternity founded on the following three pillars: Brotherhood, Professionalism and Service. We are also a group of like-minded individuals who seek to improve each other personally and professionally.

What is Fall/Spring rush?

Rush is a week-long set of events where potential pledges have the opportunity to learn more about Theta Tau and get a taste of what the fraternity provides. Come out and introduce yourself to the active members and see how you can contribute to a community of some of UCLA's top engineering students.

Do I have to attend all rush events?

Although there is no formal requirement, rushees are strongly encouraged to attend as many rush events as possible. Often, a large number of students attend and a memorable rushee will likely increase the chance of receiving a bid.

What does Theta Tau look for in its applicants?

Admission into Theta Tau is a competitive process. We handpick each candidate and we are devoted to excellence and leadership. Being an active member is an honor and an opportunity where you can develop yourself professionally and socially in a community of inspiring peers. Thus, we seek passionate individuals and motivated leaders.

What is pledging?

Pledging is a quarter-long process in which we determine whether you are a good fit to become a permanent member of our fraternity. During this period, you are expected to participate in the pledge program, which is designed to bring you and your pledge class closer together. The pledging process is your chance to prove to us that you and your pledge brothers belong in Theta Tau.

Does Theta Tau haze?

No, hazing violates California laws and Theta Tau does not participate in hazing.

Wait, I still have more questions!

Shoot us an email at rush.thetatau.ucla@gmail.com!